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Freeform SQL Query

This form allows you to submit an SQL query to the GES database (notes and tips).

First select the programme/survey you wish to use:

Database release to use:  

Upload SQL query from file into this form:  
or enter
SQL statement:
Upload file to temp table #userTable:  
Format of upload file:     notes on using #userTable

ensure one of the file formats is selected below if you want to save your results.

Email Address: the results of long running queries will be sent by email.
Data Format:
HTML table summary (results are NOT saved to file)
ASCII FILE (downloadable with HTML table summary on-screen)
FITS FILE (downloadable with HTML table summary on-screen)
VOTable FILE (downloadable with HTML table summary on-screen)
  ( The number of rows written to the downloadable files is subject to an upper limit see data access )
File Compression:
(none) GZIP
HTML rows:
Number of rows written to HTML table summary (maximum 100)
Timeout (seconds):
your query will be halted after this time (max 10800)

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