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GES Science Archive

The GES (Gaia-ESO Survey) science archive comprises calibrated one- and two-dimensional spectra for stars observed in the Gaia-ESO Survey (GES), and a variety of astrophysical parameters (heliocentric radial velocity, effective temperature, surface gravity, metallicity etc) derived from these spectra.

GES is a public spectroscopic survey of approximately 100,000 stars, systematically covering all the major components of the Milky Way, from the halo to star-forming regions and providing the first homogeneous overview of the distributions of kinematics and elemental abundances. The target stars were observed using the FLAMES spectrograph on the ESO VLT at Paranal in Chile. The survey was conducted in support of the ESA Gaia astrometric satellite, but will have numerous other uses.

Release notes give details of the latest release and the history of archive releases, updates and bug fixes is recorded under the release history page.

Please note that all use of parameters obtained from the archive in publications and analyses leading to publications must conform with the PI Policy Statement on the use of parameters and abundances.

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