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Only registered users are allowed to access GES data prior to their public release. To register for access to proprietary data releases you must be part of the GES Consortium and you should ask your community contact, who will normally be a GES co-investigator working at your institute and nominated as the person responsible for administering usernames/passwords for access by Consortium members at your institute. If you do not know who your institution-based community contact is, or you don't have one and wish to volunteer, please contact Clare Worley and Anna Hourihane in the first instance.

Enter your username and password. If you do not login your queries will be directed to any world accessible databases that contains data no longer within their propriety period. Note that usernames and passwords are case sensitive.


Accept - By logging in to gain access to Gaia-ESO survey products stored in the GES Science Archive, you are agreeing to the rules contained within the consortium's Publication Policy and Private Data Policy. Note in particular the PI Policy Statement on the use of parameters and abundances in the iDR2iDR3 and iDR2 releases.

List of communities

Login sessions time-out after 4 hours if inactive. The login status is shown at the top of Web forms which query the archive. New browser windows that have been opened from within a logged in browser should be passed the login status.

Home | Overview | Browser | Access | Login | Examples

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